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Group sports are extremely well-known worldwide simply because of their dynamic game play. It was proposed by Lee Dong-sup – a member of the opposing Bareun Future Celebration and a ninth dan in taekwondo – and is designed to protect the legal status of the sport as South Korea’s national martial art. Unless we live in a society where war fighting is a game, then there can be no martial sport.

There is no such thing as ‘martial sport’. The very first step toward a achievable Olympic berth in the 2020 Tokyo Games starts this month at the world junior karate championships. Furthermore, the IOC areas great significance on sports catering for male and female participants, a crucial plank in MMA.

Karate will be in the next Olympics though I never comprehend why. In an interview, federation president Munyaradzi Clayton Mangaba said the federation was placing in spot activities that would aid the martial artists qualify to the Olympics. Certainly, it looked like wrestling would be dropped from the Olympic programme ahead of a concerted campaign to maintain it in the Games proved effective.

I am pleased that our organisations have related ambitions and a shared vision for the acceptance of MMA into the Olympic Games for 2024 – 2028,” Finkelchtein added. Many of the sports in the martial arts mix are already on the present Olympic program, such as boxing, wrestling and judo.

Cover of the official report of 1896 Athens Summer season Olympics. Usually listed as the poster of the Games. Brown said he and WMMAA president Vadim Finkelchtein planned to meet with GAISF president Patrick Baumann on the sidelines of SportAccord to discuss the mixed martial arts application.