There are 32 individual and team sports played in the Olympic Games. For years, judo students have enjoyed studying this martial art for factors of fitness, conditioning, information of self-defense, and enhanced self confidence. Nonetheless, judo was not integrated in the Olympics as a competitive sport until the 1964 games in Tokyo, Japan. At this time, only twenty-seven nations participated in the judo events. Only guys had been allowed to compete in the judo competitions, and there were 3 weight categories. The reputation of judo as an Olympic occasion has grown significantly over the years. Women were initial provided the chance to compete in the judo events at the 1992 Barcelona, Spain Olympics. Seven weight categories for each men and girls had been offered in 1992, with the men’s categories ranging from 60 – 100+ kilograms and the women’s categories ranging from 48 – 78+ kilograms.

In the Islamic Empire , gladiatorial games and chariot-racing went out of fashion, though males continued to fight animals as entertainment. Much less deadly group sports now came a lot more into style, especially polo , which was also taken over by the Eastern Roman Empire and by men and women in China – exactly where women also played polo.

This is not the case with many arts, which eschew competition – either since they think their arts to be “too deadly for competitors” or due to the fact they believe competitors to be antithetical to their art’s philosophical precepts. No Aikidoka I know of believes in tournaments, for instance, and you are most likely not going to get a lot of Eagle Claw or Praying Mantis guys arguing that their art is a “sport” that’s great for “competitions.” Add to this the view of numerous that judo was ruined by its inclusion in the Olympics. I’ve heard it argued that ever given that judo became an Olympic sport, an undue emphasis on strength, power and speed has developed, at the cost of Kano’s “maximum effect for minimum work” credo, and several arts would rather remain obscure but pure. I’ve heard a lot of martial artists who have remarked that they are glad their art escaped the fate of judo.

The Japanese government cares tiny about the ideal karate teacher in Japan. Whenever its sanction is invoked in relation to karate, the reference is to what was when recognized as the Monbusho, or Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture. In 2001 the Monbusho was combined with the Department of Science and Technologies to type the Monkasho. It oversees nearly all regions of education in Japan — choosing textbooks, setting curricula and so on.

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